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About us

EPR-Music GmbH - black metal and synthwave vinyl 

You want records? You'll get 'em right here!

EPR is well-known for it's premium vinyl releases. Are you after black metal? Our first label Essential Purification Records might be your choice. Operating since 2012, Essential Purification Records worked with bands like Arckanum, Zemial, or Midnight Odyssey. Looking for synthwave? Choose our second label Electronic Purification Records which is around since September 4th, 2016.

What is this "synthwave" you're talking about?

Synthwave (also called retrowave or outrun) is a pretty young electronic music genre, highly influenced by videogames, films, fashion and aesthetics of the 1980s. It all started in the mid-00s when artists like Kavinsky or College felt there was something missing, a music that's capable of expressing nostalgia for 1980s culture. As these pioneers have French background, synthwave mainly originates from French house music. In the 2010s synthwave started splitting up into a darker style performed by e.g. genre-defining act Perturbator, Carpenter Brut or Dance With The Dead and lighter stuff produced by artists like FM-84, Le Matos or Mitch Murder.

I rather go for black metal. Tell me more, please!

Since black metal has a much longer "tradition" than synthwave, it would take ages to explain everything to you, young padawan. The bands we release on Essential Purification Records mostly come from an atmospheric background, comparable to famous Lunar Aurora, Abigor or Limbonic Art.

Gotcha! But what makes your records so special?

Our records are far above average, premium editions, usually pressed on 180g audiophile vinyl with very special vinyl effects and mix colors. Additonally we put lots of love in the record cover as we don't only want our records to sound great, but also to look and feel amazing. Our goal is to create something very unique, something the artist and we can be really proud of. And something our customers love to take out of the shelf - or don't even put it in, because it is a beautiful piece of art.

Fair enough! Now, if I buy one of your records, how can you make sure it arrives safely?

First off, to avoid seam splits our records are never shrink-wrapped. They come aside of the cover in a PVC overbag to ensure a safe transport in some of the sturdiest record mailers that exist out there. We know you paid a lot for your record and want it to be delivered safely for maximum enjoyment.

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