• Meteor

    Meteor is a Synthwave/Outrun/Darksynth project brought to life by Jorge Reyes, a Graphic Designer and entrepreneur guy who has been working into the rock side of music for many years. In 2015 he has decided to dust off his passion for synth-based music, specifically for the 80s retrowave style with some dark, spatial and melancholic shades.

    Meteor's work has been featured by some of the most important sites in the scene like Metalsucks, New Retro Wave, Drive Radio, Spotify, and also on video games, short movies and radio shows around the world.

  • Powernerd

    We don’t know the people (?) behind Powernerd. We do know that there are three of them: an android with Yngwie Malmsteen-programming, a synth-technopriest, and a drumrobot. Not a drum machine but an actual robot on drums. This sounds (and looks) somewhat like Daft Punk mixed with Bunker Records and John Carpenter soundtracks. That’s not surprising, given that they claim to be from the dystopic future of the 1980s.That is, the dystopic future as imagined in the 80s. They travelled to the past (our present) to rule us. Or control us via midi bass controllers. Or something like that. To be honest we weren’t really listening, they were talking in robot voices constantly, it was really annoying.

  • Nightcrawler

    Synthwave and horrorsynth are the foundations of Nightcrawler’s sound universe,
    inspired by horror cinema soundtracks and 80s sci-fi movies, elements that are happy to
    blend with electronic beats and a dark atmosphere.
    In 2014, Nightcrawler releases his first album, Metropolis, which puts him on the map by
    making an impact on the already demanding synthwave scene. In that point, his work is
    selected one of the best album of the year amount 25 works featured by Mondo Sonoro.Prior
    to this, three EPs had been released, "Road Blaster" (2013), "Knight Rider " (2012) y
    "Bassferatu" (2012).
    In the year 2015 One Way Static Records trust him with the vinyl-only release of his
    latest piece, "Strange Shadows”. All you can expect from Nightcrawler shines out in every
    of the tracks. Aesthetically, his attention to detail never disappoints and Strange
    Shadows also happens to be a well-rounded LP that is not afraid of innovating: the vinyl
    release comes in the shape of a circular saw. The record sold out immediately thanks to
    this this peculiarity and became a collector’s item for any horror synth fans and vinyl
    enthusiasts alike.
    Before the end of 2015, Nightcrawler launched Haunted Keys, his first-ever music video,
    which helped him join the roster at Jagermusic. That was an extensive summer tour at
    festivals like SOS 4.8 or Lowfest, not to mention live shows at venues like Barcelona’s
    Sidecar, Sirocco and Villamanuela Fest in Madrid.
    In 2016, presented The Phantom Planet EP, that had just hit the shelves with its
    homonymous single and three remixes by Spanish producers Mynationshit, WLDV (We Love Dolce
    Vita) and the international powerhouse Antoni Maiovvi, co-founder of Giallo Disco records.
    This 2017, the austrian label Electronic Purification Records reissues his first album
    Metropolis in vinyl and Nightcrawler becomes part of the artist roster of Silent Booking,
    with whom he is presenting his Live arround European cities like Berlin, Vienna and

  • Waveshaper

    Waveshaper is an electronic musician from Stockholm, Sweden with a modern retro sound influenced by the sci-fi era from the 80′s. Waveshaper brings out a timeless sound quality to the future by using state of the art vintage analog synthesizers combined with modern technology. 

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker

    Originally a classically trained pianist, Swedish electronic musician Robert Parker went from tracker music during the 90s to retro-esque the following decade. His love for analog synthesizers began when he bought a Korg Polysix in 2009, which was the starting point of the style of music he produces today. His studio is located in Stockholm, where he creates music that ranges between everything from computer game music to disco. He uses a combination of hardware synthesizers and trusty VSTs, where the Roland Juno 60, The Minimoog and the SH-101 are his cornerstones. Since 2016 he is signed to the Monstera Booking Agency, which has worked with artists like: Justice, Kavinsky, Giorgio Moroder, Busy P, Hot Chip, Underworld, and many others. Following his critically acclaimed release “Crystal City” in 2016, the year 2017 has already been a busy one. In February he released the six track EP “Awakening”, followed in June by a track on the “Rise of the Synths” companion album released by the prestigious Lakeshore Records label (DRIVE, Stranger Things, Mr Robot) together with Giorgio Moroder, Com Truise, GUNSHIP, Carpenter Brut to mention a few. Since 2014 he does regular live shows. So far he has played in Canada, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia and China.

  • Ogre
  • VHS Dreams
    VHS Dreams

    VHS Dreams is an electronic music and art project created by George Dervenagas and based in Europe. His musical and visual style merges 80's/90's sensibilities with modern elements and is described as an examination and reimagining of current and past cultures. Starting in 2014, his debut EP established him in the Retro and Synthwave underground scenes. Since then he's been involved in a variety of works including remixes, music videos, compilations, indie films, video games, art exhibitions and more. In 2015 Dervenagas released his first LP called "TRANS AM", a tribute to past decades' dance movements. Now expanded as an one-man multimedia art project, VHS Dreams continues to promote a re-evaluation of the present based on a past that could be but never was.

  • Anachronist
  • Sung

    Geoffrey Graven (known under his stage name Sung) is a French-Korean electronic musician from Paris. Since 2013, he has dedicated himself to creating tracks that are heavily influenced by the 80’s pop culture, the cyberpunk genre and the conquest of space. His compositions are a blend of retro synthetic sounds and powerful urban beats that make you feel like you’re cruising down the streets of a futuristic city; many of them are featured in independent video games such as Half-Line Miami or Fragmental. In 2014 he released his single « Way Farer » followed by his debut EP « Overizer ». In 2015 he released his 2nd EP « Overizer » and in 2016 his 3rd EP « Auto Ran ». In 2017 he released « Rework », a remastered version of all his singles, and a remastered version of his first EP « Overizer. » His entire discography has been released in a double vinyl format under the title « Anthology ».

  • Nightstop

    Nightstop is a Finnish independent retrowave artist who has been around in the synth-music scene since 2013. The style and sound is influenced by the metropolises, neon lights, dark and shady corners of alleys and gateways, fishnet stockings under streetlights and salacious characters in glossy leather.

  • Lost Years
    Lost Years
  • Timestalker
  • Highway Superstar
    Highway Superstar

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